Pocket Pep Talk

Pocket Pep Talk


What’s included in your Paleo Pocket Pep Talk:

At checkout, choose the description that best describes YOU + we’ll send you a perfectly curated pep talk for all your real life moments!

Five 3x3 handdrawn cards with personalized encouragement on the front and a paleo pro tip, recipe, idea or inspiration on the back. Each card is crafted to be your personal cheerleader in the moments you need them the most! Simple enough to slip in your pocket, purse, wallet, on the fridge, on a mirror, by your desk, near the cookie jar - wherever you need them the most! Who said paleo couldn’t be fun? Let’s celebrate together!

Choose your own Pep Talk descriptions:

Ultimate Foodie: Lover of all food. Big or small. Did someone say "all you can eat"?

Coffee Addict: Must. Have. Coffee. At all times. Likely related to Lorelai Gilmore.

Condiment Queen: Pass the ketchup, mustard, bbq + mayo. Believes no food should go without an extra special topping. Bring on the flavor!

Sugar Lover: Believes in the 4 main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn + syrup. Can be found first in line at the donut shop on the corner.

Aspiring Chef: A perfect Friday night in includes trying new recipes and/or kitchen tools. The one always asked to cook for Friendsgiving (because no one else knows how).

Inspiration Guru: Can’t stop, won’t stop. Has 100s of pins of inspirational quotes saved on Pinterest. Decorates her home and/or office with inspirational posters + sayings.

Workout Enthusiast: Can be found running / lifting / rowing / elipticaling / spinning in spare time. Her away message reads: “brb at the gym”

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