adding a dash of
pep to your paleo step

We all have those days.  You know the ones. The Sundays that binging on Netflix is so much more fun than meal prep. The Mondays that are so busy the drive thru would be so much easier. The Wednesdays your co-worker brings your favorite donuts to the office. The weekends full of birthday parties, dinners with friends + the newest cocktail.

It's time to turn in the defeat and start the celebration! Paleo is not about perfect, instagram worthy food + complicated recipes. It's about fueling your body to be the absolute best you can be - and enjoying it!

Pep talk in a box!

Our 30 one-of-a-kind Pep Talk cards were carefully crafted to encourage you through the toughest of paleo days. On the back of every hand drawn card has a Pro Tip to fill your paleo tool belt with tips, tricks + recipes to help you succeed! Leave your cards on the fridge, by the candy jar, in your lunch, on your desk or slip one to a friend that needs that little extra lovin! I've walked in your shoes and been through it all - and I can't WAIT to encourage you!

the pocket pep talk!

 A mini, personalized pep talk! Choose the description that best describe you and we’ll send you a perfectly curated pep talk, just for you! You'll receive 5 hand drawn cards with a personal piece of encouragement on the front and a paleo pro tip, idea or inspiration on the back. Each card is crafted to be your personal cheerleader in the moments you need them the most! Simple enough to slip in your pocket, purse, wallet, on the fridge, on a mirror, by your desk, near the cookie jar - wherever you need them the most! Who said paleo couldn’t be fun?


"I just want to put these Paleo Pep Talk cards all over my house. They are too beautiful to just sit in a box. My favorite part though is that these cards don’t just have pretty sayings on the front. They have an actual convincing pep talk and pro tips on the back of each card."

- Anne, Our Grain Free Life