Let's get real.

it's time for a real life  paleo podcast. no additives, sugar coating or nitr-lies included.


adding the party to paleo
One episode at a time!

A quirky mother daughter duo sharingreal life tales, tips + tricks from our unedited, paleo lives. From New York City to small town Idaho, we’re adding the party to paleo together. So grab your bulletproof coffee + join us every Monday morning for your weekly dose of LOL worthy encouragement while adding a dash of pep to your paleo step.

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let's get real lovin':

"If you want to laugh, learn and be inspired to make real good food, this will do it for ya!"

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paleo-spiration encouragement cards

It's time to turn in the defeat and start the celebration! Paleo is not about perfect, instagram worthy food + complicated recipes. It's about fueling your body to be the absolute best you can be - and enjoying it!

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"When I started my paleo diet, it was rough, but the Paleo Pep Talk cards really helped me laugh off my 'bad-food deprived' feelings. I not only carry these cards with me but have them places around my house to remind me how important it is to eat paleo!"

- Abby