About the girl

Let’s start this relationship out on the right foot. You know, the honest kind. Not the pretty social media kind all wrapped up in a perfect filter. The truthful, hard to admit kind.

I'm not a doctor. I'm not a nutritionist. I'm not even a blogger. I'm a twenty-something graphic designer living in New York City who needed a lifestyle change and had a really hard time doing it.

My name is Chelsea and I love food.

I eat to have fun. I eat my feelings. I eat to socialize. I eat to celebrate (and I don’t mean I eat a salad to celebrate, I mean I eat cake)

I struggled until I was almost 23 with my body image, my happiness and my health. In college I was over 200 pounds, a size 16 and just honestly felt gross inside and out. I felt like I was the only human on the planet who had this problem. All my friends growing up were the perfect weight, looked cute in short shorts and bathing suits (you know the girls.) All these feelings came to a final culmination a few years ago after a terrifying doctor appointment that left me with one choice: to be healthy. Not necessarily to lose weight, but to heal my body. No matter how much it would suck, this was the only option.

I decided there literally had to be a way - THERE HAD TO BE A WAY - to be healthy and have delicious food. My best friend told me about this crazy 30 day paleo challenge called the Whole30 that I thought actually sounded insane. No dairy. No sugar. No grains. AKA, I thought, you can’t eat anything for a month. I mustered up enough courage to go for it and 30 days later (after lots of tears and moments of almost complete failure) I had lost 20 pounds and more importantly felt like I was literally Beyonce. I could do anything. AND I had eaten the most delicious food I could ever imagine for the past 30 days. This was it. I found the answer. The real life answer.

About the pep talk

I created paleo pep talk for all of you out there who wake up feeling just like I did. Feeling deprived from all your favorite foods, feeling left out of all the fun, feeling like life is so unfair, feeling not happy with your body. Maybe you’re at your heaviest and are dying to lose weight, or maybe you’re at your lightest and just want to finally feel strong and healthy. One way or another, we’re all in this together (just like Vanessa and Troy, duh). We're not about being perfect, because I'm definitely not. We're about being real.

The core of Paleo Pep Talk is to fill your life with creative encouragement that will make you laugh, fill your soul with motivation and your stomach with the most delicious, satisfying whole food. Paleo Pep Talk is going to equip you with all the tools you need to be a successful paleo-er (that’s totally a word, right?). Along with our paleo-spiration cards, I've curated our free newsletter with the best of the best tips, recipes, tools, books and bloggers to make your daily life as simple (and fun) as possible.

So here’s the deal:

Each of our 30 one-of-a-kind encouragement cards was carefully crafted to make you laugh, give you encouragement, remind you that you are not alone AND fill your paleo tool belt with tips, recipes and tricks to help you succeed!

Whether you buy the cards right away OR sign up for our free 7 day trial you'll get our weekly paleo e-party newsletter full of more recipes, gadgets and tips.

I poured my paleo heart and soul into creating the perfect paper meets inbox (very You’ve Got Mail of me, I know) paleo encouragement experience to get your butt into gear and give you everythang you could ever need for an HONEST, whole-hearted paleo experience. Because let’s be real - we’re all human here and probably will slip up once or twice. But there’s no judging! I’ve got a plan even for those days.  



We're in the business of making paleo a party -
and there’s no one we’d rather be partying with than you!